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Korea invites GCF

Learn more about GCF


GCF in Incheon!

Songdo of Incehon city wins bid to bring in headquarters of Green Climate Fund

Incheon is in the center of the 'Green Earth'

What's GCF?

▶ Raises a $ 800 billion fund

▶ A greenbank as large as IMF
▶ Initially 500 people. Up to more than 8,000 people working as an international organization member.
▶ Elevating national prestige by holding a large scale international organization for the first time.
▶ Elevating the brand power of Incheon.

Korea Invites GCF

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Green Climate Fund


Because of the rapid climate change, the whole human race is at the crossroads of survival. Especially, reducing green-house gases from the developing countries and adapting to the climate change is problem that the world should solve together.
To solve the environmental problems of these countries a huge sum of financial resources are required. And GCF is the organization that handles it.

G.C.F means Green Climate Fund.

The international society has realized the urgency of climate change, and thus gathered $100 billion to support developing countries adapt climate change. The establishment of 'Green Climate Fund(GCF)', an organization to create and use the financial resources is imminent.

South Korea : UN Security Council

South Korea
becomes a member of
UN Security Council!

10 non-permanent members enjoy power of decision making in several important issues such as resolution in disputed region, and deploying UN Peacekeeping Operations(PKO).

Now, South Korea has become a prominent nation contributing for the world peace~

South Korea becomes Non-permanent member of UN Security Council

South Korea,
2013-14 non-permanent member of UN Security Council.

Re-enters as a member after 16 years since its term of 1996-97
Secured 149 votes among 193 UN members
As one of 15 member states, it will play a major role in global peacekeeping
Positive effects on controlling the stability in Korean Peninsula

High Status in international foreign affairs,
Now its Global Korea. 

South Korea : The Emerging Powerhouse


"I am confident that this crisis can advance our dream of becoming an advanced first-class nation," President Lee Myung-bak told a group of business leaders in 2009. To accomplish his goal, South Korea boosted government research and development spending from 3.4 percent -- already among the world's highest -- to 5 percent. The emphasis on innovation, combined with generous subsidies, not to mention a policy of keeping the won low to boost exports, has helped South Korean industrial giants like Samsung, Kia, and Hyundai rack up global market share. South Korea was the first wealthy country to emerge from recession in 2009, and household income has grown for the last 11 quarters. The country's credit rating was upgraded by Fitch in September, cementing its status as a haven for investors. South Korea still faces economic challenges -- domestic consumption has been low, and Korean households are among the world's most debt-laden -- but once global trade picks up, expect the Korean wave to crash on a shore near you. 

South Korea : One of 7 Emerging Powerhouses


"South Korea, one of 7 nations that overcame Global Economic Crisis"
US magazine Foreign Policy highly evaluated President Lee's Stimulative Economic Policy.

The US diplomacy magazine <Foreign Policy> published article 'Who won the recession? These 7 Countries' in their November issue saying "The rise of China and India has long since become a cliche. In fact, neither country has done all that well since the crash of 2008 -- but South KoreaPolandCanadaSwedenIndonesiaTurkey,Mexicothese emerging powerhouses have cleaned up".

On Oct. 11th, Wall Street Journal published an editorial article saying "By embracing FTAs with U.S. and Europe, President Lee Myung Bak showed his attempt to open up South Korean market", also "this opening will provide benefits to South Korean consumers with expanded choices and less prices of products, resulting to development of the economy".

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GCF Songdo Style by Psy (싸이 GCF 송도 스타일)

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[Yeosu Expo] A drama 'The Ocean Girl' restarts. The Girl's Love begins again.

Yeosu Expo drama 'The Ocean Girl' performce again. The drama took a break after performing till May 24th, it will be performed again from July 1st till Aug 10th. 'The Ocean Girl' is an original play in which a seaside village falls into chaos and the villagers take the path of depravity. But with a girl's sacrifice and love, the village regain peace. The play consists of all kinds of performing arts such as dancing, synchronized swimming, singing and acting. It provides various types of fun. 'The Ocean Girl' is performed on the Ocean Stage at 7:25 everyday till Aug 10th. Any Expo visitor can watch by the order of arrival.

[Yeosu Expo] More Exciting with Rain

There is a day when you can comfortably watch Yeosu Expo exhibitions without bustling crowd, and see your favorite singers closely. When you simply sit and wait in the International Pavillion, the steet performance teams come to perform, and the artificial lightning from cloudy sky seems real. It is a story when it rains at Yeosu Expo. With the rainy season begining, there are various hidden contents that get better and more exciting in the rain at Yeosu Expo. ◇ 'Expo Pop Festival' under Expo Digital Gallery Expo Pop Festival on special stage at 8 pm everyday. Top K-Pop stars are heating up the summer nights at Yeosu Expo, but with huge crowd, it is difficult to see singers' performances from close. When it rains, the situation changes. When there is a heavy rain, Expo Pop Festival is not held at the Cruise Park special stage capable of holding more than 20,000 people, but at a temporary stage under Expo Digital Gallery(EDG). EDG stage is comparatively smaller and is installed close to the seats, making it possible for the audiences to see every move of the singers. Especially the singers' performances are played live on LED screen of EDG section, uniting the audiences and the singers into one. On 18th, YB performed on EDG stage because of rainfall, gained huge popularity. Also on 30th, Jang Sa-ik's performance touched everyone's heart. ◇ Self Visiting 'Street performance' To brighten the boredom of the visitors while waiting in line to watch exhibitions, there are 130 street performances everyday at Yeosu Expo. 35 street performance teams including Stilt Juggler, Multi Clown, Brass Band, etc, perform at different sites around the Expo, making it difficult to watch all these performances at once. But it is possible when it rains. All the street performance teams come to the Intenational Pavillion and EDG. On the rainy day, you don't have to walk around to catch the street performances, they come to you beforehand. It is a lot of fun to watch street performances while taking shelter from the rain. ◇ Realistic 'Big O Show Artificial Lightning' and comfortably watching exhibitions On the cloudy day, 'Artificial Lightning' of Big O Show seems more realistic and due to less crowds, you can comfortably watch through exhibitions. You never have to worry about the sun burn. It is like killing three birds with one stone.

[Yeosu Expo] Goddesses at Expo Pop Festival

Today IU and Son Dam-bi, Miss A on 5th, Girl's Generation on 12th. Korea's sweetheart IU, sexy diva Son Dam-bi, center of Korean Wave Girl's Generation, trend idol Miss A, etc. Goddesses of K-pop descend at Yeosu Expo Pop Festival. Yeosu Expo Organizing Committee(Director Kang Dong-seok) said on July 1st(Sun) that 'Expo Pop Festival' which started on June 16th(Sat) will heat up from July with participation of female singers and girl groups. On 3rd(Tue), honorary ambassador of Yeosu Expo IU and sexy diva Son Dam-bi performed with great attention. More world-class heart-fluttering stages are prepared with upcoming performances of Miss A on 5th(Thu), Ivy on 6th(Fri), Ailey on 7th(Sat), Girl's Generation on 12th(Thu),and F(x) on 17th(Tue). Besides, compromising old and new generations, all-star cast with Super Junior, CNBLUE, Lee Eun-mi, Insooni, etc, will give 50 best performances on Expo Special Stage till Aug. You can check out the schedule of singer' performances at the 'Culture and Academics' page of the Yeosu Expo official website(www.expo2012.kr).

[Yeosu Expo] Jeongseon Arirang at Yeosu Expo performance

South Korean Gangwon Province's Jeongseon District plan to spread Jeongseon Arirang to the world through Yeosu Expo. According to officials, 'Jeongseon Arirang Sound and Rhythm' was performed at the traditional stage next to Local Government Pavillion, at 3 pm and 5 pm on July 3rd. Jeongseon Arirang is the 1st intangible cultural asset of Gwangwon Province and the origin of Korean Arirang. It is known for folksy and austere style, and the most lengthy lyrics in the world with 3,000 words. This stage gained expectation that it could be the opportunity for the globalization of Jeongseon Arirang. Also Jeongseon District will promote itself by displaying introduction and travel information of Jeongseon District through large screen along with the performance.

2012년 6월 13일 수요일

Rain, Kim JH, YB to perform at Yeosu Expo

YB Band (The Korea Herald)
Top Korean singers and groups will hold concerts at the Yeosu Expo this weekend, the organizing committee said on Tuesday. 

Rain, currently serving in the military, will be the first to go on stage on Saturday, followed by rock-ballad singer Kim Jang-hoon on Sunday and YB Band on Monday. 
Rain (The Korea Herald)

The concerts will be held at 8:30 p.m. on a special stage built for concerts during the expo period. 

The special outdoor stage arena is capable of hosting an audience of 20,000. 

For Rain, it will be his first big concert in eight months since he joined the Army last October. 

According to the expo organizing committee, the singer is personally checking on lighting and sound and doing rehearsals to make it a perfect show. He is also planning a duet with singer Park Hyo-shin, who is also currently serving military duty as well. 

“Rain’s concert will be held against the backdrop of fantastic lights coming from a mega cruise liner on the sea and the Expo venue. It will offer the best moment for the audience,” said an official of the organizing committee. 

The concerts start at 8:30 p.m. and are free to Yeosu Expo visitors. 

DOT, CEB Seek More Korean Tourist Arrivals With Yeosu Expo

MANILA, Philippines --- The Philippines’ largest national flag carrier, Cebu Pacific (CEB) has partnered with the Department of Tourism (DOT) in the ongoing Yeosu Expo 2012 in Yeosu, South Korea, which runs until August 12, 2012. An airline partner of the Philippine Pavillion, CEB shows its full support to tourism efforts by providing tickets, tour package rates and exposure to expo organizers, talents and travel agents throughout the three-month expo duration. It operates thrice daily flights from the Philippines to Seoul (Incheon) and eight weekly flights to Busan. “As our top source of visitor traffic, the Korean market is of utmost importance to the Philippines' hospitality industry. Koreans accounted for nearly a quarter of the archipelago's tourism arrivals last year and they have been our number one market since 2006,” said Department of Tourism Secretary Mon Jimenez. DOT reports indicate that 925,000 Koreans visited the Philippines in 2011, a 25% increase from the previous year. Meanwhile, CEB flew more than 380,000 passengers to and from South Korea, a 51% passenger increase compared to 2011. “The Yeosu Expo has a marine sustainability theme, which is perfect for the Philippine islands’ inherent wealth in coastal and marine treasures. We are investing in a principal site in the Pacific Ocean Zone to best capture over 80,000 average daily expo visitors,” added Jimenez. DOT’s Yeosu Expo participation is just one initiative to reach 2 million Korean arrivals by 2016. CEB seat sales as low as 50% off, lowest year round air fares as low as KRW99,000 (P3,999), and creative tour packages, also play a part in stimulating travel to the country. “Despite their relative affluence, Koreans appreciate value-for-money fares in their purchase of air tickets. Similarly, the proliferation of Korean operators and establishments is bringing down rates that appeal to even more travelers,” Jimenez said. CEB, for its part, highlights various Philippine destinations to Yeosu Expo visitors, such as Busuanga (Coron), Cebu, Boracay, Bohol, San Jose (Apo Reef), Dumaguete (Apo Island), and Puerto Princesa (Tubbataha Reef). “The Cebu Pacific team is excited to work closely with DOT and other government agencies in promoting the Philippines’ world-class dive sites and island destinations. It will also continue to offer the lowest fares from South Korea direct to Manila and Cebu so more Koreans can visit and explore the country,” said CEB VP for Marketing and Distribution Candice Iyog. CEB currently operates 10 Airbus A319, 20 Airbus A320 and 8 ATR-72 500 aircraft. Its fleet of 38 aircraft – with an average age of 3.6 years – is the largest aircraft fleet in the Philippines. Between 2012 and 2021, Cebu Pacific will take delivery of 22 more Airbus A320 and 30 Airbus A321neo aircraft orders. It is slated to begin long-haul services in the 3rd quarter of 2013.

Yeosu Expo to yield 2-M Korean tourists for PHL

he Department of Tourism is eyeing 2 million Korean arrivals by 2016 as a result of its participation in the ongoing Yeosu Expo 2012 in South Korea which runs until Aug. 12. In joining Yeosu Expo, the DOT has partnered with flag carrier Cebu Pacific. The airline will provide expo organizers, talents and travel agents with tickets, tour package rates and exposure during the three-month expo. Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez said as the country's top source of visitor traffic, the Korean market is of utmost importance to the Philippine hospitality industry. “Koreans accounted for nearly a quarter of the archipelago's tourism arrivals last year and they have been our number one market since 2006,” Jimenez said. Tourism data showed that 925,000 Koreans visited the Philippines in 2011, up 25 percent from a year earlier. Meanwhile, CEB flew more than 380,000 passengers to and from South Korea, a 51-percent increase compared to 2010. Jimenez said the Yeosu Expo has a marine sustainability theme, which is perfect for the Philippine islands’ inherent wealth in coastal and marine treasures. "We are investing in a principal site in the Pacific Ocean Zone to best capture over 80,000 average daily expo visitors,” Jimenez said. “Despite their relative affluence, Koreans appreciate value-for-money fares in their purchase of air tickets. Similarly, the proliferation of Korean operators and establishments is bringing down rates that appeal to even more travelers,” Jimenez said. CEB, for its part, highlights various Philippine destinations to the expo visitors, such as Busuanga (Coron), Cebu, Boracay, Bohol, San Jose (Apo Reef), Dumaguete (Apo Island), and Puerto Princesa (Tubbataha Reef). Candice Iyog, Cebu Pacific vice president for marketing and distribution, said CEB is excited to work closely with DOT and other government agencies in promoting the country's top tourist spots. She said CEB would also continue to offer the lowest fares from South Korea direct to Manila and Cebu so more Koreans can visit and explore the country. CEB operates thrice-daily flights from the Philippines to Seoul (Incheon) and eight weekly flights to Busan. Seat sales as low as 50-percent off, with lowest year-round air fares as low as 99,000 Korean won (P3,999). The Philippine exhibit carries the theme “Islands of Diversity, Seas of Connectivity” to entice tropical holiday seekers, honeymooners and other special interest groups such as divers and beach enthusiasts, which make up a majority of Korean tourists. —VS, GMA News

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Yeosu Expo African Culture Performance

Wonderful Yeosu Expo Big-O Show


http://www.tourism-review.com/world-expo-2012-80-million-visitors-are-estimated-news3251 The whole world is converging together this May in one of the most important events in history. The World Expo 2012 is being attended by more than 100 countries in hopes of furthering world relations and sharing each other's culture and interpretations. With the excitement and all the festivities occurring around the host country, South Korea began construction of the site in May 12 in the city of Yeosu. This year the event means so much more, especially with environmental concerns regarding nature and the conservation of natural resources. With all the major issues happening throughout the world, 'The Living Ocean and Coast' had been chosen as a theme. The event is expected to generate worldwide attention. Billions of dollars were invested in the construction and the undertaking of the huge event. It has been a long while since the last World Expo had taken place, with the last fair taking place in Shanghai, China in 2010. The tradition has been culminated and practiced continuously from the last century. The diversity of countries and the attention it gets have increased especially with the development of media. The exposition is expected to have an estimated count of 80 million people with more than half a million more from abroad. Concerns for security and traffic are a major concern for the organizers. With the huge volume of visitors fitting inside an area of 1.74 square kilometers of pavilion spaces, the exposition has to rely on support from the 10 international organizations. Opening ceremonies were presented by South Korea president Lee Myung Bak. After which the three month event initiated with grand festivities and technological exhibitions. All the countries have their own exhibition space, making sure to expose their own interpretation of the theme centered on their own culture. In all sense, the benefit of the World Fair has a rather large impact on South Korean economy. With an estimated ripple effect of 12.2 trillion of Korean won produced, it has to be perfectly executed. The added value of another 5.7 trillion won has in effect employed about 80 thousand employees. The World Fair is an international tradition that has aided in relations for many generations. The fact that it will be held in South Korea will be an economic boom as well as letting the country garner more exposure to the rest of the world. The fair does well to convey the message it wants to tell the rest of the world, with more than 100 countries together in saying it. - Tourism-Review.com

International Cruise Ships Arrive in Yeosu, One after Another

Fuji Maru Arrives on 25th, Making it a Third Cruise Ship to Dock at the Expo in two weeks Japanese 23,000-ton international cruise ship Fuji Maru, carrying 400 tourists from Japan, arrives at the international cruise terminal at the Yeosu Expo site at 8 a.m. on May 25, following the Pacific Venus and the Legend of the Seas that arrived in Yeosu on 14th and 16th each. It is the third time for an international cruise ship to arrive in Yeosu since the Expo was opened to the public two weeks ago. The Fuji Maru, departed from port, Kumamoto prefecture, Japan on 24th, will stay in Yeosu for two days from 25th to 26th, and tourists aboard the ship are going to visit the Yeosu Expo and tour Yeosu, Suncheon and other neighboring areas in the southern coast. The vessel will return to Japan on May 27. Mr. Kang Jung-gu, the director of the international marketing division at the Organizing Committee for Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea, said that “the three international cruise ships brought in around 3,000 international tourists and contributed to enhancing the image of the Yeosu Expo as a marine exhibition.” and “for the rest of the Expo period, more international cruise ships are expected to dock at the Expo site for seven times in total, including the Costa Victoria owned by Europe’s largest shipbuilder, which is scheduled to dock at the Expo site for five times.” Fuji Maru

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Landmarks of Yeosu Expo

The panorama of Yeosu Expo '12 site
The Big O, a water screen that is a landmark of the Expo 2012, is seen during a media day of the expo, in Yeosu, South Korea.
The Thematic Pavilion for the EXPO 2012 planned by the Austrian architecture office SOMA will be opened in Yeosu on 11th of May. Soma’s design proposal One Ocean was selected as the first prize winner in an open international competition in 2009.

[Yeosu Expo] K-POP Stars "Let's Gather Around in Yeosu"

K-Pop stars, such as Super Junior, Shinee, Beast, 2PM and Wondergirls, will get together in Yeosu. '12 Yeosu Expo Organization Committee stated that various performances ranging from K-Pop and World Pop to Classic will take place during Expo period, and revealed detailed lineup on May 8th. 'The Big Wave Concert', which is a special K-pop concert, will begin on 12th, the grand opening day, with Wonder Girls and Dynamic Duo, and will go on every week with other K-pop stars such as Shinee and Super Junior. On June 15th, Busker Busker will perform 'Yeosu Night Sea', which rercently have caused a sensation. In addition to Big Wave Concert, total of 16 shows, at least one show per week, will be performed on Big O afloat stage. In addition to orean popular singers including 015B, Kim Jo-Han, Boohwal, DJ DOC and Kim Kyung-Ho, foreign stars such as world-famous R&B singer John Legend, classic idol star Ensemble Ditto and Mason Bates, a popular DJ and composer, will also participate in Yeosu Expo. Yeosu Expo show schedules are posted on its homepage(www.expo2012.kr) All shows including Big Wave Concert are free to every ticket holders. Tickets are available on its homepage or Interpart Ticket. Organization Committee official said "Besides exhibition, diverse shows can make Expo merrily. Especially, I think cheap K-Pop concerts(available to everyone with ticket which is approximately 30,000 won) will be very popular among tourists from overseas." Yeosu Expo is a second Expo to be held in Korea following 1993 Daejeon Expo, and is chosen as 'one of the tourist destination that one should visit this year' by various eminent presses including CNN and Lonely Planet.

K-POP Water Show, Expectation High

Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea opens on the 12th and expectation on the K-POP Water Show is high. According to the Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea Organizing Committee, Wonder Girls, Dinamic Duo, and Simon D will appear in the special concert "Big Wave Concert". Also large wooden dolls and marine life characters will appear in the water show. Wonders Girls who topped the K-POP chart with "Be My Baby" will show its Korean Wave again in the Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea Water Show. Dynamic Duo and Simon D who is leading the Korean Hiphop globalization will move not only the Korean fans but also the foreigners. Big Wave Concert will open that day and continue in 26th, June 16th and 30th, July 7th and 14th, April 4th from 7:30 to 8:30. Spectators will enjoy the day because there are many performances and events being prepared besides K-POP show. At 2:00 PM, theme performance of Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea called the "Flowering Sea" water show will be held for 70 minutes. Main charater "Sea Flower Girl" and "Coast Boy" will show a thrilling performance along the marine life charater. 153 people will perform in the water show, and road performance, clown performance, water stunt, art circus will be be combined in the water show. You will regret it if you miss the night water screen Big oh show using "The-O". For the first time in the world, a hologram image will be penetrated through the water, and water fountain show as wells as flame show will move the spectators. In the tent theater, Buhwal's first concert will be held at 8:20 PM for an hour. K-Pop Festa is relay-concert form to be held throughout May, in which Korean famous artists such as Bu Hwal, Jeok-woo, 015B, Kim Cho-han, DJ.DOC, Geomi, Kim Kyeong-ho, will appear. The historical reunion stage to be performed by Shin Hae-cheol and Shin Dae-cheol is particularly interesting. At the tent theater, 12 types of special stages called 'Dancing Hero' which includes Hip-hop, Modern dance, Break Dance and Pop dance, will be provided between 12 pm to 1 pm. And the world's first silent comedy 'Gamarchoba' will be provided between 4 pm to 5 pm. Dancing Hero and Gamarchoba will be shown till 1st July and 18th May individually. At the children's theater, experienceable performances 'Nanta for children' and 'Garuya Garuya' will be open. Also many other children's performances like goblin band with natural sound 'Beatle Goblin', 'Bumped Apple', 'Tum-tum Bang-bang', 'Teeth', 'Who shat on my head?', will be performed. The participant nations' cultural performances will also be provided everyday. On the first day of the Expo, Indonesian and Cambodian performances will be played at 12:30 pm and 4 pm individually at the Ocean Square. Besides, street and traditional performances will be provided for the audiences waiting in line of the exhibition. And Coast guard's training ship, russian sailboat 'Hagemga', Coreana, cargo vessel anchored at the ship exhibition dock, will provide boarding experience. The organizing committee of Yeosu Expo's Cutural Event department head Kim Kwang-yong said "Yeosu Expo's cultural performances will be on the ocean with the ocean as the stage" and "You can learn about the ocean through the exhibitions and enjoy about the ocean through the performances". The opening ceremony of Yeosu Expo will be played with 'Dreaming Ocean' as the theme at the Ocean Stage at 6 pm on 11th, the day before the opening. At the opening ceremony, the Jeolla provincial governor Park Jun-young, the chairman of BIE, the chairman of the organizing committee, the member of Parliament, the representatives of participating nations and international organizations, the leaders of the Green Growth Summit, etc. will attend. And the First day will be a simple ceremony at the entrance of Expo Digital Gallery at 8 am on 12th. Yeosu Expo will be open for 93 days from 12th May till 12th August with the theme of 'Living Ocean, Breathing Coast'. It will be the world-class festival with 80 special exhibitions where you can learn about the importance of the ocean and enjoy various cultural performances. 104 nations and 10 international organizations will participate.

2012년 5월 8일 화요일

3. "Travelled around the world to visit Yeosu Expo"

Operating personnel of Joint Pavilion's 56 participating nations were invited for 7 days of training, and experienced Korea. 65 foreigners from 56 'small' nations of 3 oceans gathered at Yeosu Expo on 26th. Operating personnel of Joint Pavilion's participating nations, Africa, South America, Asian developing countries and South Pacific Islands, were invited for the 7 days training program to learn about the Expo and Korean culture. 105 nations will participate at Yeosu Expo's International Pavilion, 50 nations through Individual National Pavilion and 56 nations through Joint Pavilion. This program was intended for the 56 nations which will participate through Joint Pavilion, such as East Timor, Fiji, the Solomon Islands, Maldives, El Salvador, etc. The participants stayed at the Expo Town, the expo's staff accommodation, and learned about visa and stay, commercial activities in the Expo, IT services, operation of exhibition, customs and transportation, national day event, etc. Based on these learnings, they will manage each nation's exhibition and promote their displays throughout the Expo period(12.05~12.08). Most of the participants visited Korea for the first time. Ecuadorian participant Antonella Carrascozuffi, who arrived late night on 23rd, said, "I wish to promote Galapagos islands, Ecuador's attraction and marine sanctuary, through the Expo and experience Korean cultures like K-Pop", and "As I visited the Expo sites, the venue, built beside ocean was splendid and i am proud to work there" On 26th, the participants looked around the facilities and their exhibition halls, and experienced Korean cultures like Mask Dance. They participated in the rehearsal of Yeosu Expo on 28th(Sat), and explored Yeosu suburbs such as Suncheon Bay and Nakan Castle on 29th(Sun). The Joint Pavilion is divided into 3 ocean clusters that are the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Indian Ocean, with the participations mainly comprised of developing countries. The Atlantic Pavilion comprises 30 nations including Gambia, the Pacific Pavilion comprises 16 nations including Papua New Guinea, and the Indian Ocean Pavilion comprises 10 nations including Kenya. A small island state of Caricom Antigua and Barbuda , fantastic islands Tuvalu and Nauru, and a world class attraction although a small island Seychelles, will also participate. The director of International Pavilion Kim Young-seok said, "the Individual National Pavilions which will provide high-tech and fancy displays will be wonderful, but the Joint Pavilion where you can experience the cultures and ocean stories of unfamiliar countries will also be very attractive".

2. Yeosu ready to welcome expo guests

http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/biz/2012/05/123_110081.html Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea will run from May 12 through Aug. 12, under the theme, ``The Living Ocean and Coast.’’ The organizing committee said 105 countries and 10 international organizations have confirmed their participation in the largest global event ever hosted by the coastal city. The committee expects to attract a total of 10 million visitors, including 550,000 from overseas. About 300,000 Chinese are expected, followed by 200,000 from Japan. Those from Southeast Asia, Europe and the Americas will account for the remainder. ``We had initially expected about 100 nations to take part in the Yeosu Expo. But the figure has reached 105. This shows the upcoming festival has attracted a great deal of attention from the global community,’’ said Kang Dong-suk, chairman of the organizing committee. ``We completed the construction of the exhibition pavilions and support facilities by March. Since the beginning of April, we have started test-operating all the facilities and plan to provide a perfect service to visitors,’’ Kang said. Organizers have been operating about 80 exhibition facilities and rehearsing a variety of cultural performances, while recruiting thousands of mock visitors to have them provide feedback. ``Based on their opinions, we have modified our programs and improved facilities to offer visitors services second to none,’’ the chairman said. ``We have been working hard for the past four years to make preparations for the Yeosu Expo. We are confident the upcoming festival will be one of the world’s most successful.’’ What to see The Yeosu Expo boasts 80 exhibition facilities, including the Korea Pavilion, the International Pavilion and seven corporate pavilions. There are also four must-see thematic facilities. First, the Big-O will be a venue to experience the theme of Yeosu Expo. Expo Digital Gallery will be the main thoroughfare, passing through the heart of the International Pavilion. Visitors will feel like they are walking under the sea by viewing various digitalized marine creatures swimming on a large screen installed overhead. The Marine Life Pavilion is also hoped to be one of the most visited during the three-month fair. It will exhibit diverse marine ecosystems of the five oceans. Sky Tower, abandoned silos that have been turned into an observation deck, provides a great view of the entire expo site and its surrounding area. ``When the expo comes to an end after its three-month run, we will tear down most of the structures. But the Big-O and Sky Tower will remain intact to attract hundreds of thousands of tourists to Yeosu for many years to come,’’ Kang said. Transportation & accommodation ``Korail, the state-run railroad operator, now operates a bullet train between Yeosu and Seoul, reducing travel time significantly,’’ he said. The chairman added visitors will be able to come to the expo site via sea as ferries will link Yeosu with Busan and Jeju. ``For foreign visitors from China and Japan, they can take ferries and dock at the port, which is right next to the expo venue.’’ Kang said there are about 1,000 hotel rooms in Yeosu and the nearby area, including the newly-constructed MVL hotel at the expo site that has 331 rooms. To ease the expected shortage of rooms, the chairman said the organizing committee has been in talks with travel agencies to have foreign guests stay in Busan, Gwangju and other large cities nearby, and shuttle them back and forth.

1. Yeosu, offers more than expo

http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/biz/2012/05/123_110080.html When thinking of Yeosu, the song immediately comes to mind, especially for young people. The song “Nightscape at Yeosu Seashore”, recently released by Busker Busker, has attracted many visitors, boosting tourism there and helping to promote the 2012 Yeosu Expo. The nightscape along Yeosu beach is impressive to many. It takes about three hours from Seoul’s Yongsan Station to Yeosu Expo Station by KTX. Those visiting the Yeosu Expo may easily view the ocean from the Expo site. About 30,000 people traveled through Yeosu Expo Station located near the Expo site in Yeosu city, South Jeolla Province, since the end of last month when the album was released, according to the station authorities. It marks an increase by 10,000 from the same period last year. Scenic places in Yeosu There are 10 main scenic places around Yeosu, designated by the city. Out of the 10, however, there are two must-see sights. These are Dolsan Bridge and Odong-do or Odong Island. Dolsan Bridge connects Yeosu with Dolsan Island. It can be best viewed from Dolsan Park. The bridge is most beautiful at night when the 50 different colors of lights decorate the bridge. After crossing the bridge, take a stroll along the trails around Dolsan Park. The walkway provides a full view of Yeosu city and may refresh your mind too. If you have enough time, visit Odong Island located right next to the expo site. To visit the island, you must walk across the breakwater that connects the mainland to the island. The breakwater that leads to the island is a romantic pathway that is also one of the 100 most beautiful walkways in Korea. For more information, visit http://www.odongdo.go.kr/en/. Accomodation Expo Camp Town Expo Camp Town will provide lodging for about 1,661 Korean and overseas visitors. The site will be available for stay starting from May 1. There are 35 units for caravans, 250 tents, and 40 units for auto-camping. For more information, visit http://www.2012expo-camptown.com/. A diverse selection of accommodations, such as hanok (traditional Korean houses), temple stay, bed & breakfast in farms and fishing villages and mobile cabin homes, will also be available for international visitors.

2012년 3월 27일 화요일

Full text of Seoul Communique

We, the leaders, gathered in Seoul on March 26-27 renew the political commitments generated from the 2010 Washington Nuclear Security Summit to work toward strengthening nuclear security, reducing the threat of nuclear terrorism, and preventing terrorists, criminals, or other unauthorised actors from acquiring nuclear materials. Nuclear terrorism continues to be one of the most challenging threats to international security. Defeating this threat requires strong national measures and international cooperation given its potential global political, economic, social, and psychological consequences.

We reaffirm our shared goals of nuclear disarmament, nuclear nonproliferation and peaceful uses of nuclear energy.

Committed to seeking a safer world for all, we also all share the objective of nuclear security. We recognise that the Nuclear Security Summit is a valuable process at the highest political level, supporting our joint call to secure all vulnerable nuclear material in four years. In this regard, we welcome the substantive progress being made on the political commitments of participating States since the Washington Summit.

We stress the fundamental responsibility of States, consistent with their respective national and international obligations, to maintain effective security of all nuclear material, which includes nuclear materials used in nuclear weapons, and nuclear facilities under their control, and to prevent non-state actors from acquiring such materials and from obtaining information or technology required to use them for malicious purposes. We likewise recognise the fundamental responsibility of States to maintain effective security of other radioactive materials.

We reaffirm that measures to strengthen nuclear security will not hamper the rights of States to develop and utilise nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

Noting the essential role of the International Atomic Energy Agency in facilitating international cooperation and supporting the efforts of States to fulfill their nuclear security responsibilities, we further stress the importance of regional and international cooperation, and encourage States to promote cooperation with and outreach activities to international partners.

Noting the Fukushima accident of March 2011 and the nexus between nuclear security and nuclear safety, we consider that sustained efforts are required to address the issues of nuclear safety and nuclear security in a coherent manner that will help ensure the safe and secure peaceful uses of nuclear energy.

We will continue to use the Washington Communiqué and work plan as a basis for our future work in advancing our nuclear security objectives. At this Seoul Summit, we agree that we will make every possible effort to achieve further progress in the following important areas.
Global Nuclear Security Architecture

We recognise the importance of multilateral instruments that address nuclear security, such as the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material, as amended, and the International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism [ Images ]. We therefore encourage the universal adherence to these conventions. We urge states in a position to do so to accelerate their domestic approval of the 2005 Amendment to the CPPNM, seeking to bring the Amendment into force by 2014. We acknowledge the important role of the United Nations in promoting nuclear security, support the UN Security Council Resolutions 1540 and 1977 in strengthening global nuclear security, and welcome the extension of its mandate. We will strive to use the IAEA Physical Protection of Nuclear Material and Nuclear Facilities document and related Nuclear Security Series documents, and reflect them into national practice.

We recognise the contributions since the 2010 Summit of international initiatives and processes such as the Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism and Global Partnership against the spread of weapons and materials of mass destruction, within their respective mandates and memberships. We welcome the wider participation in the GICNT and the Global Partnership and value its extension beyond 2012. Noting the importance of strengthening coordination and complementarity among nuclear security activities, we welcome the proposal of the IAEA to organise an international conference in 2013. We welcome contributions from the industry, academia, institutes and civil society that promote nuclear security.

Role of the IAEA

We reaffirm the essential responsibility and central role of the IAEA in strengthening the international nuclear security framework, and recognize the value of the IAEA Nuclear Security Plan 2010-2013. We will work to ensure that the IAEA continues to have the appropriate structure, resources and expertise needed to support the implementation of nuclear security objectives. To this end, we encourage States in a position to do so and the nuclear industry to increase voluntary contributions to the IAEA's Nuclear Security Fund, as well as in-kind contributions. We also encourage continued IAEA activities to assist, upon request, national efforts to establish and enhance nuclear security infrastructure through its various support programs, and encourage States to make use of these IAEA resources.

Nuclear materials

Recognising that highly enriched uranium and separated plutonium require special precautions, we reemphasise the importance of appropriately securing, accounting for and consolidating these materials. We also encourage States to consider the safe, secure and timely removal and disposition of nuclear materials from facilities no longer using them, as appropriate, and consistent with national security considerations and development objectives.

We recognise that the development, within the framework of the IAEA, of options for national policies on HEU management will advance nuclear security objectives. We encourage States to take measures to minimise the use of HEU, including through the conversion of reactors from highly enriched to low enriched uranium fuel, where technically and economically feasible, taking into account the need for assured supplies of medical isotopes, and encourage States in a position to do so, by the end of 2013, to announce voluntary specific actions intended to minimize the use of HEU. We also encourage States to promote the use of LEU fuels and targets in commercial applications such as isotope production, and in this regard, welcome relevant international cooperation on high-density LEU fuel to support the conversion of research and test reactors.

Radioactive sources

Taking into account that radioactive sources are widely used and can be vulnerable to malicious acts, we urge States to secure these materials, while bearing in mind their uses in industrial, medical, agricultural and research applications. To this end, we encourage States in a position to do so to continue to work towards the process of ratifying or acceding to the ICSANT; reflect into national practices relevant IAEA nuclear security series documents, the IAEA code of conduct on the safety and security of radioactive sources and its supplementary document on the IAEA guidance on the import and export of radioactive sources; and establish national registers of high-activity radioactive sources where required. We also commit to work closely with the IAEA to encourage cooperation on advanced technologies and systems, share best practices on the management of radioactive sources, and provide technical assistance to States upon their request. In addition, we encourage continued national efforts and international cooperation to recover lost, missing or stolen sources and to maintain control over disused sources.

Nuclear security and safety

Acknowledging that safety measures and security measures have in common the aim of protecting human life and health and the environment, we affirm that nuclear security and nuclear safety measures should be designed, implemented and managed in nuclear facilities in a coherent and synergistic manner. We also affirm the need to maintain effective emergency preparedness, response and mitigation capabilities in a manner that addresses both nuclear security and nuclear safety. In this regard, we welcome the efforts of the IAEA to organise meetings to provide relevant recommendations on the interface between nuclear security and nuclear safety so that neither security nor safety is compromised. We also welcome the convening of the high level meeting on nuclear safety and security initiated by the UN secretary-general, held in New York on 22 September 2011. Noting that the security of nuclear and other radioactive materials also includes spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste, we encourage States to consider establishing appropriate plans for the management of these materials.

Transportation security

We will continue efforts to enhance the security of nuclear and other radioactive materials while in domestic and international transport, and encourage States to share best practices and cooperate in acquiring the necessary technologies to this end. Recognising the importance of a national layered defense against the loss or theft of nuclear and other radioactive materials, we encourage the establishment of effective national nuclear material inventory management and domestic tracking mechanisms, where required, that enable States to take appropriate measures to recover lost and stolen materials.

Combating illicit trafficking

We underscore the need to develop national capabilities to prevent, detect, respond to and prosecute illicit nuclear trafficking. In this regard, we encourage action-oriented coordination among national capacities to combat illicit trafficking, consistent with national laws and regulations. We will work to enhance technical capabilities in the field of national inspection and detection of nuclear and other radioactive materials at the borders. Noting that several countries have passed export control laws to regulate nuclear transfers, we encourage further utilization of legal, intelligence and financial tools to effectively prosecute offenses, as appropriate and consistent with national laws. In addition, we encourage States to participate in the IAEA illicit trafficking database programme and to provide necessary information relating to nuclear and other radioactive materials outside of regulatory control. We will work to strengthen cooperation among States and encourage them to share information, consistent with national regulations, on individuals involved in trafficking offenses of nuclear and other radioactive materials, including through Interpol's radiological and nuclear terrorism prevention unit and the world customs organisation.

Nuclear forensics

We recognise that nuclear forensics can be an effective tool in determining the origin of detected nuclear and other radioactive materials and in providing evidence for the prosecution of acts of illicit trafficking and malicious uses. In this regard, we encourage States to work with one another, as well as with the IAEA, to develop and enhance nuclear forensics capabilities. In this regard, they may combine the skills of both traditional and nuclear forensics through the development of a common set of definitions and standards, undertake research and share information and best practices, as appropriate. We also underscore the importance of international cooperation both in technology and human resource development to advance nuclear forensics.

Nuclear security culture

Recognising that investment in human capacity building is fundamental to promoting and sustaining a strong nuclear security culture, we encourage States to share best practices and build national capabilities, including through bilateral and multilateral cooperation. At the national level, we encourage all stakeholders, including the government, regulatory bodies, industry, academia, non-governmental organisations and the media, to fully commit to enhancing security culture and to maintain robust communication and coordination of activities. We also encourage States to promote human resource development through education and training. In this regard, we welcome the establishment of Centers of Excellence and other nuclear security training and support centers since the Washington Summit, and encourage the establishment of new centers. Furthermore, we welcome the effort by the IAEA to promote networking among such centers to share experience and lessons learned and to optimise available resources. We also note the holding of the Nuclear Industry Summit and the Nuclear Security Symposium on the eve of the Seoul Nuclear Security Summit.

Information security

We recognise the importance of preventing non-state actors from obtaining information, technology or expertise required to acquire or use nuclear materials for malicious purposes, or to disrupt information technology based control systems at nuclear facilities. We therefore encourage States to: continue to develop and strengthen national and facility-level measures for the effective management of such information, including information on the procedures and protocols to protect nuclear materials and facilities; to support relevant capacity building projects; and to enhance cyber security measures concerning nuclear facilities, consistent with the IAEA General Conference Resolution on Nuclear Security and bearing in mind the International Telecommunication Union Resolution 174. We also encourage States to: promote a security culture that emphasises the need to protect nuclear security related information; engage with scientific, industrial and academic communities in the pursuit of common solutions; and support the IAEA in producing and disseminating improved guidance on protecting information.

International cooperation

We encourage all States to enhance their physical protection of and accounting system for nuclear materials, emergency preparedness and response capabilities and relevant legal and regulatory framework. In this context, we encourage the international community to increase international cooperation and to provide assistance, upon request, to countries in need on a bilateral, regional, and multilateral level, as appropriate. In particular, we welcome the intent by the IAEA to continue to lead efforts to assist States, upon request. We also reaffirm the need for various public diplomacy and outreach efforts to enhance public awareness of actions taken and capacities built to address threats to nuclear security, including the threat of nuclear terrorism.

We will continue to make voluntary and substantive efforts toward strengthening nuclear security and implementing political commitments made in this regard. We welcome the information on the progress made in the field of nuclear security since the Washington Summit provided by the participants at this Seoul Summit. The next Nuclear Security Summit will be held in (the Netherlands) in 2014.